Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Stash

The Missus and I went to a craft fair here in Perth yesterday. She found these Halloween designs….They are Pretty Wicked! with the magic mat and frame and Count LeScarrot by Just Nan plus Boo To You and All About Halloween by Homespun Elegance. How could I resist??

After looking at everyone's lovely work my mind is beginning to wander in strange ways (stranger than As usual, I've been all enthused about Christmas designs....happens every year at this time....and has done for years.....Now I'm thinking about Halloween designs....that doesn't usually happen until January.....Curiouser and curiouser!


Suzie said...

Oooooh, nothing like new stash to inspire one, and get those brain cells snapping, and fingers itching!

So which one are you going to start on first?

I hope that they all provide you with a lot of fun and relaxation!

Anonymous said...

I've seen Count LeScarrot done. He's adorable.

Have fun with all your new projects!