Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Sweet Than Spooky

Several years ago I ordered Chicken on Egg from an online retailer. This little freebie was included in my package.
My latest "stash dive" brought this pattern out. I considered doing it on a large count linen I had in the stash, but then I remembered how much my Land That I Love is costing me to get framed. The Owl on Egg would run about the same. So,

Owl on Egg is going to be a kitchen towel. The towel is Charles Craft's Huck Kitchen Towel. I'll have to make some pattern modifications to make him "stretch" a little bit. I think this can be accomplished by tweaking the border.

I'm also not using the overdye floss it calls for. With all the washing kitchen towels get, it's just not worth the expense. So DMC it is.

Dee at Tangled Up In Sticks and String


Suzie said...

What a cute pattern, Dee, and what a clever way to use, and enjoy it!

You've made a great start, and I am excited to see this one unfold. (I LOVE owls!) So stitch faster! (No pressure though!) lol

Anonymous said...

Okay ---- so you didn't see me here. I'm off stitching --- quickly!

But, I didn't want to go before I say thanks for the compliment.

Now ... I really AM going to go stitch!

tkdquintmom said...

Oh I like this one. I have this one too! Anxious to see it finished. :-)

Sue said...

It is going to be fabulous! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.