Monday, September 7, 2009

Prairie Schooler Ornaments

Hi Everyone,

I have been having great fun stitching the new Prairie Schooler ornaments from her Boo to You leaflet. Here are two that are stitched. I had previously stitched another 2 and they are on another post. I am stitching on the 5th one and then only have 3 more to stitch. When they are all stitched I am going to make them into ornaments and then put them on a wreath. I am so excited to get this completed.

I have been admiring everyone elses finishes. They are all wonderful. I can stitch Halloween all year around, as it is my favorite.

Back to stitching.

Happy Halloween Stitching
April :)


tkdquintmom said...

April I just love these! I have the pattern also and the look like such a quick stitch! I'll be really anxious to see your wreath. said...

I love these, especially the boo one! Suzie. xxx

Shelleen said...

they are really cute.

Lynn said...

So cute. I have the patterns and just started the house.