Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Stitching Is Wonderful!!

Happy Day Everyone!

I've been out of town for most of September and the last part of August, so I am just now playing catch up!

I LOVE what everyone has done since I've been gone! It was SO cheery to log on here and see so many BEAUTIFUL projects!! You put me all to shame! lol

Unfortunately, the lighting in our motel room was very poor, and it was even worse in the clinic waiting areas, even when I tried using my clip-on light. I need to get one of those portable OTT lights, I guess.

It is SO good to be home again, and you are all inspiring me to ignore this pile of laundry that I just took out of the suitcases, and the stacks of mail piled on the table, to just sit down and stitch awhile. Such naughty, naughty influences you all are! lol

Wishing everyone a beautiful day, and please keep sharing your wonderful Halloween pieces! They are guaranteed smile boosters!!!

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