Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boo framed and WIP's

Happy Saturday!!

Boo Club Flips-its by Lizzie Kate
I just bought the frame and threw it together, I still have to straighten and tack it down.
I used the sectional frame kits from Michaels Crafts.
My Wips...

Dancing on the Moon by Birds of a Feather

Judith Kirby's Halloween House #15 and #9

Happy Stitching!!!!

5 comments: said...

I really love this, it is gorgeous. Really cute. Suzie. x

Dee said...

Beautiful! Love the FlipIts Halloween framed up.

Suzie said...

Your Lizzie Kate is going to look fantastic framed!! What a fun piece!!
And speaking of fun, that is what Dancing On The Moon is all about! I love the colors alternating with each other. It gives the characters more texture, and fancifulness! (is there such a word? lol)
As for Judith Kirby's Halloween houses, they are truly adorable! I've got both patterns, but haven't started them yet. Seeing you bring them alive, will be an extra treat for me! Thank you!!

april said...

Great work. I love the Lizzie Kate flipit Framed up.

Shelleen said...

love the flip its and cute frame. The Halloween house is nice too.