Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, Kid!

Cross-Eyed Cricket - Hey, Kid!
Silkweaver Karma evenweave
I used flourescent green (purple guy's hair), glow-in-the-dark and regular Dmc floss.
Instead of a star, I stitched a spider on the witch's hat and left the words off the bottom.
I'm thinking about making it into a wall hanging.


Suzie said...

This is such a cute stitching! I can see purple guy's hair this time too! And I love the little spider. So much more appropriate than a star, in my humble opinion! Great thinking!!

Thanks SO much for sharing your progress!!

jessneal said...

They are so cute! You have done a wonderful job!

Priscilla said...

Looking great! the spider looks ever so cute... Love to see a picture of the final piece

Sue said...

I agree with everyone above....very cute!

Ranae said...

A cute piece for sure

Sharon said...

Too cute! Great job!