Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting My Spook On

Quaker Halloweens by The Workbasket

It's that time of year when I start thinking all things spooky --- gotta start now if you want to be spooktacular by Oct. 31!

I'm Dee -- new to the group.

I read this blog for awhile and was so inspired by all the great Halloween stitching. I wanted to be part of the fun.

My blog is: Tangled Up in Sticks and String.

I'm looking forward to seeing your projects and your blogs.

Happy Stitching,


Suzie said...

Welcome to the group, Dee! It is great to have you here with us!!

I'm really intrigued to see where this pattern is going to take me. I was going to look it up, but I like the mystery better! Just don't keep me in suspense for too long! lol

You're right. The stitching time for Autumn and Halloween is upon us! And being in that frame of mind is sure to keep us just a tad cooler. .well, I can dream. Hopefully, we'll all get bitten by the allure of at least one of the new Halloween patterns that are coming out now, and we'll be sharing more projects here as the weeks progress!

Again, I'm so happy to have another Halloween stitcher here, and I thank you for sharing your new project with us!

tkdquintmom said...

Welcome to the spooky group Dee :) or as Dracula would say...VELCOME. :)