Friday, May 29, 2009

Witchie Renabest

I am currently stitching this Halloween piece - Witchie Renabest by Twisted Threads. I started this about a year ago! I intend to have it finished and turned into a pillow by this Halloween! !

Its enjoyable to stitch, I am now starting on french nots in the cauldron ......

I hope to show you the progress soon!

Priscilla x


Suzie said...

What a cute pattern! I don't remember seeing it before, but maybe seeing your WIP is making it stand out for me.

You are doing beautiful stitching, and it is fun to see your progress!

Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

Ranae said...

Adorable design. I have never seen it before.

Shelleen said...

that is so cute and i can't wait to see more progress on it.