Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At Your Own Risk

Here's my latest finish. I've been wanting to stitch it for awhile and since I seem to be on a Halloween stitching roll, I pulled the chart out.
At Your Own Risk
Cricket Collection
Stitched with Dmc on Silkweaver's Poltergeist Lugana


Suzie said...

LOL Now that is clever!! Something so simple, and yet you see so seldom. I REALLY like it! That would make an excellent ornie on a Halloween tree.

And I note that you found the perfect fabric to stitch him on too! lol

Your stitching is perfect, as usual, Lynn!! VERY well done!

Thank you for bringing me a smile today!

tkdquintmom said...

Great finish. Is this one of their freebies? I don't remember seeing this little creepy guy.

Lynn said...

Thanks. It's from The Eyes Have It, chart #277.

Sharon said...

Too Cute!