Sunday, May 24, 2009

WIP The Giving Sisters

I'm taking a chance here, with the continued problems with the blogs and Internet Explorer. I do wish that they would get the problems fixed!!

With that in mind, I'm keeping this brief! I wasn't going to post a photo until it was done, but my stitching time has been extrememly limited lately, so I presenting this, wrinkles and all!!

All of my stitching is fun, but there is something extra fanciful about working on a Halloween piece, and this one is no exception.

I hope that everyone has a safe holiday weekend!


Sharon said...

Looking fabulous Suzie!

Loraine said...

This is really cute. What is the pattern?

Suzie said...

Hmmmm, I posted the pattern name last night, but now this morning, see that for some reason, it didn't show up. My apologies if it should suddenly appear and this is a duplication.

First, thank you SO much for your kind thoughts! Everyone else's stitching always looks so much better than my own!

The pattern is called The Giving Sisters, by Notforgotten Farm. She has a blog by the same name, and you can buy from her there, or even easier, 123 Stitch and ABC carry her patterns. She has just issued a couple of new Halloween ones!

Lynn said...

Great stitching. I may just have to get a copy for myself.