Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Halloween Chart Sale!

For those of us that don't have enough Halloween charts already (and we KNOW who we are, so I don't need to start naming names. .lol), Everything CrossStitch has put all of their Halloween offerings on sale, giving us slowpokes the needed time to complete our projects by the time October rolls around! Now how thoughtful is that??

I've already found several that I don't already have, that I can't live without. .how about you?


Shelly said...

Oooohh, thanks for the link! I saw several things that I want (as I wipe off the drool)!! BTW, I'm Shelly. Blogger won't let me comment:(

Fiona said...

OOO now why dd you go and tell me that lol my bank account is now much lighter than it was an hour ago.... looking forward to getting them all in the post now ;)