Monday, May 30, 2011

1 over Nightmare

Hi all!

Hope this Memorial Day is finding you all thinking of all those great men and women who have served and died in service to this great nation of ours!

Onward to stitching news! I have been stitching on Winifred the Witch until I got to the 1 over for the eyes and the mouth. I'm getting my butt kicked by the 1 over..hence the title of this post! I have so butchered the eye area that I got discouraged and put Winifred down. Here she is:
That left eyebrow went well and then things went downhill stitching the eyelashes and the eye. Once I buy a new pair of glasses, I will return to her. The next spooky project up next is this:

It's so cute! I have to buy one skein of GAST Blackboard but I have the fab and other threads for it. And I checked...there are no 1 over on this one!!

Have a great 4-day week!


vishalkhandelwal said...

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Lynn said...

I like your next project. I just finished stitching Winfred. I definately needed good light for the over one. She looks great when she's finished though. I will post a picture of mine soon.