Thursday, June 17, 2010

New member saying hello

Hi all!

I joined a couple months ago as I was just getting started on my current Halloween piece - I wanted to have a bit more progress before I posted. :)

Anyway, to introduce myself - my name's Melissa. I go by Measi online. I'm 35, married, and live in Rhode Island. I've been stitching for nearly 25 years now, although I've had a lot of spurts and lulls in my stitching along the way. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and I have a bunch of different holiday-themed projects in my stash. :) I keep a personal blog of my stitching progress and random life chatter.

I'm working Raise the Roof's Witchy Washy:

Witchy Washy as of 14 June 2010

It's moving along well. I'm using the recommended hand-dyed floss, so I'm being good and stitching each X individually. It's a bit slower, but the results are wonderful.

I have two other projects kitted up and will start one of them upon my next finish. One is Witches Dance by Lavender Wings, and the other is Sleepy Hollow by Glendon Place (both of which are gorgeous).

Nice to meet you all!


Ranae said...

I stitched this piece and it was so fun, I love looking at it, when it's displayed.
Neat projects you have kitted.

Jen said...

Welcome. I too have Witche's Dance but am currently stitching Witches Riding By also by Lavender Wings. Looking forward to seing your progress.

Sharon said...

Hi, welcome Measi!

Priscilla said...

Hi and Welcome! I love the witchy washing.I have seen the chart for sale on the web. very tempted! I look forward to seeing your progress