Monday, April 26, 2010

Haunted Hideaway on 13th Avenue

Here is my most recent spooky finish. Called 'Haunted Hideaway on 13th Avenue' it is one of last year's Secret Needle Night projects from The Silver Needle. I stitched this as charted. However, I added the ghosts in glow-in-the-dark floss and gave the cat glow-in-the-dark green eyes.

The ghosts are based on the ones from Just Nan's Fraidy Frog which was a chart in last year's Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.


Ranae said...

Love the hide-away.
That frog is just too cute

Rachel S said...

Very pretty! I like that a lot

Alex said...

I love both of these! Excellent work! :o)

Sue said...

Jen, they are both gorgeous!