Saturday, October 10, 2009

newbie, sort of

Hi everyone. I have been feeling guilty because I begged for admittance to this SAL a few months ago and haven't contributed a thing, so here is my latest Halloween finish, Scared Silly by Birds of a Feather, along with a few others I have done over the past several weeks. More on my blog if you would like to look.

I am a married mom of two, have been cross-stitching for about 25 years and am an all-around Halloween fanatic!

I am looking forward to getting to
know you all!


JOLENE said...

Great post, love your three finishes. I am obsessed with Halloween, too. Can't seem to get enough of it!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cat on Scared Silly! Welcome to the group.

Lynn said...

Pretty finishes. Your Scared Silly looks great. I loved stitching on mine.

Priscilla said...

I am glad you posted your halloween stitching, they are lovely, I like the elegant pumpkin..

Suzie said...

Marjorie, I was "active" for quite a while, then life stepped in and took away most of my stitching time. Sometimes we tend to spread ourselves to thin, although to look at my hips, you'd never know it, but you know what I mean.
What is nice, is that you were able to stitch along the way, and your finishes are all a delight to view. Well done!