Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Evening!

I got a nice package in the mail today! From 123 Stitch. Since I've started on my The Giving Sisters, it moved up in status, from Stash, to WIP, so by the Laws of Cross Stitchers everywhere, I had to replace the gap in my stash lineup, pronto! However, I ran into a slight snag. I had several Halloween patterns on my wish list, and they were all arguing with me as to which one was on there the longest. I couldn't remember, so they all insisted that I buy them all at the same time. What else was I to do? lol

My existing Halloween stash consists of:

The Primitive Needle's - Halloween Parcheesi & Hallow Game Board
The Prairie Schooler - When Witches Go Riding & Pumpkin Patch
The Cricket Collection - Two Familiars
Lavender Wings - Witches' Dance & Witches Riding By

And to that, I've now added

Waxing Moon Designs - Black Cats' Halloween
La-D-Da - Something Wicked
And Primitive Needle's - Salem Remembered

Has anyone here stitched any of these patterns?

Everyone have a beautiful evening!!


jessneal said...

I have beel looking at alot of what you have stitched and it's all too cute! I would love to join this SAL...how can I do that?

tkdquintmom said...

I have not however I do have Black Cats' in my 'gotta do it soon' pile. :-)

Suzie said...

Hi Jess! We meet up again! I went to the first blog entry and contacted the blog owner that way.

It will be fun to have you here, too!