Friday, April 10, 2009

The Giving Sisters


I wanted to be further along so that it would hopefully be more interesting to look at, but I have made a promise to myself to post a progress on all of my projects at least once a week. And I'm late on this one!

I've made a discovery that is going to make my stitching a little more of a challenge, but one that I'm willing to accommodate at least for now. My eyesight is such that even with readers, I'm not comfortable with working with the larger counts of fabric, so I have to limit my stitching time in the morning to before I put my contact lenses in (I'm both near sighted and far sighted. .how's that for fun! lol). Only then, with my fabric practically up to my nose, can I see what I'm doing, clearly. Unfortunately, everything else is a complete blur!! lol

But, I've gotten a start on The Giving Sisters! I've added a little extra fun for me, since I've never stitched on custom dyed fabric before, or used custom dyed threads. I love the earthiness of the colors that seem so perfect for a Halloween primitive pattern, so decided to take the plunge!

I'm stitching them on "Days Gone By", by Silkweavers, and bought a number of threads from Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours, and The Gentle Art, Simply Shaker Sampler Thread line. I'm going to match and replace a number of the DMC colors that are standardly used.

Here is a closer look at the pattern itself!

I've noticed that HAED has a few Halloween patterns. Is there anyone here who is working on one?
I hope that everyone has a beautiful weekend!!


Sharon said...

Hi Suzie, what a great idea to change some of your colors to overdyed. I started this pattern. I am sure you will inspire me to work on it more!

Ranae said...

Nice start on Giving Sisters. I have this in my-to-pile.
I have the HAED Pumpkin Pixie chart in my stash

Sue said...

That is a very cute pattern! Have you tried using a magnifier? There are some which sit on your chest which work....They take a bit of getting used to, but have to be better than eye strain!

Suzie said...

I've tried numerous magnifiers, but none seem to be right. I am not giving up though! lol

I had been eyeing that sme HAED pattern, and flip-flopped back and forth about putting it on my wish list. .right now, she is on there. It's not that I don't think that she is cute as can be, and would be fun to stitch, but I think about what I would do after a project is done. If it is for me, then where do I picture it in my home.

But I've already got a number of them that are in the "I'll figure that out later" category, so I added her under that condition! lol

Shelleen said...

looking good. I am new to HAED and just bought a few charts. I will have to look more for thier Halloween ones.

Stacy said...

I understand the contact lens problem. I can't stitch with my contacts so I'm finding myself wearing my glasses more and more. a girl has got to stitch, ya know!

I also got one of those Daylight lamps with the large magnifier. It really does help.

Great chart!