Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meeting & Greeting!

Good Afternoon!

I just received my invite, and wanted to introduce myself, even though I don't have a photo to share at the moment.

I have just finished kitting together "The Giving Sisters" by NotForgotten Farms, and will be sharing my progress as soon as there is something to see!

In a turn that seems so counter to where my cross stitching normally takes me into the highly detailed, intricate projects, I totally love Halloween primitives. Maybe because they fit in more with how I love to decorate for Halloween.

We have a middle class Victorian home, and I love decorating for Halloween, using paper or papier mache vintage pieces, or replicas made the old fashioned way. Anything made of natural fibers is a big draw for me! I tend to stay away from the more modern decorations, but admittedly, some glass and black metal have snuck in there too. lol My only complaint about Halloween, is that it is over too soon. There should be a whole "Halloween Season"!

But all of Halloween decor is fun, as are the cross stitching patterns that I see. I've already got a nice stash all calling my name, and will no doubt be adding to it as the new patterns come out. Heck, I've still got some on my wish list that have been out for a while now!

And then seeing all of your fine stitching will be inspirational too. I've already seen some very cute pieces! It is going to be fun to see what else you all share!

Thanks so much, Karen, for letting me join your group! I'm going to enjoy getting to know you all!



tkdquintmom said...

As Dracula would say.....VELCOME!

Ranae said...

another VELCOME!!

Suzie said...

Thank you for the welcome! I see some fun loving, beautiful stitching here! I am inspired!!

Sue said...

Your house sounds lovely, Suzie. I'm with you on the Halloween season....and welcome to the blog!